About Lubrications

Types of oils and lubricants and greases supplied by Plentitude are for automotive, construction, agriculture and industrial applications. We’re continuously responding
to the changing needs of your industry to bring you quality lubricants that will help to optimise your equipment’s efficiency and add value to your business.

Our brand is Hyrax Oil – a Malaysian manufacturer of petroleum derivatives with a vast customer base worldwide. In Malaysia, apart from supplying to government ministries and government linked companies, Plentitude also undertakes contract manufacturing for several multinational companies based in Malaysia through Hyrax Oil.

Types of oils and lubricants

Passenger Car Motor Oils

Diesel Engine Oils

Four Stroke Motorcycle Oils

Two Stroke Motorcycle Oils

Gas Fuel Engine Oils

Marine Engine Oils

Gear Oils

Transmission Fluids

Tractor Fluids

Industrial Oils

Transformer Oils

Speciality Oils

Brake Fluids