PLENTITUDE is a major supplier of Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene and Fuel Oil

for the inland commercial sales markets in Malaysia. Our customers include power generators, Industrial Customers, mining, construction, quarrying and food producing companies.

Heavy, medium and light Fuel Oil is supplied from Westport Refinery through our partner KL Bunkering on a joint-venture fuel storage terminal in Malaysia.

Fuel Oil is basically used as a fuel for power stations, industrial and utility boilers. It is also used as bunker fuel for marine vessels. The different fuel oil grades are classified according to their viscosity and sulphur content.

Our advanced fuel oil for use in boilers and other equipment for generating heat and energy in manufacturing operations and processes.

Plentitude’s, Fuel Oil can help improve the reliability and the performance of the entire boiler system, from the storage tank right to the chimney.

This “Fuel Oil’ is designed to:

Help improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%**

Lower particulate emissions and black smoke by up to 70%**

Reduce maintenance;

Help increase equipment reliability; and

Help lower CO2 emissions compared to Recycle Waste Oil / recycle Fuel Oil.